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What is “We Are White River?”

We Are White River aims to build our sense of community
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We Are:

Connecting people, organisations and ideas through:

  • our helpful website, newsletter and brochures
  • our frequent “conversations”
  • our active Facebook page
  • supporting community events
  • linking with local organisations and charities
  • showcasing White River people and places

We Are:

Working to:

  • build a sense of pride, responsibility and fun in our town
  • attract visitors to the town and region
  • grow businesses through marketing and advice
  • Put White River on the map
  • Encourage cooperation for a positive community

Information about White River

The town of White River, situated just north of Nelspruit is the perfect spot from which to explore the magical beauty of the Lowveld. It is the home of numerous craftsmen and artists, and is a convenient central point for the many attractions of the Mpumalanga escarpment, with its many waterfalls, historic sites and hiking trails. The serene town serves as a gateway to the Kruger National Park and the awe-inspiring Blyde River Canyon, the spectacular vista of God’s Window, the cascading Mac Mac and Berlin Falls, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Sudwala Caves, Three Rondavels and the many other natural wonders of the kaleidoscope that is Mpumalanga.

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The town itself offers a variety of shopping centres, exquisite restaurants, places to stay and things to do.

The farms in the region produce tropical fruits, vegetables, flowers and timber.

White River, with three irrigation dams and a number of nearby forests, is a popular holiday destination and the town is renowned for its scenic beauty.

The climate is said to be one of the best in South Africa, neither excessively hot in summer when rainfall is at its highest, nor overly cold during the sunny winters. The farms tend to be relatively small but the agriculture is intensive with tropical and citrus fruits in abundance, and vegetables and cut flowers readily available.

What people say about White River:

Just loving your ‘We are White River (Riviera?)’.

Sharon Van Reenen White River
Sharon van Reenen

Everything is really close in White River and it wasn’t long after I arrived that I caught myself thinking twice about driving ‘all the way out’ to Casterbridge!! It is only 10 minutes away – if that! I know….‪#‎facepalm‬

rosemary hall
Rose Hall
Digital Marketing & Social Media Solutions

White River embodies tranquil country living surrounded by natural beauty and warm friendly down-to- earth people who enjoy a good party. One can enjoy miles and miles of magnificent walks or bicycle rides through magical forests and rolling hills. White River is perfectly located and only a 30 minute drive to the Kruger Park or to the scenic splendour of the Panorama route.

David & Jess Mortlock
Jess Mortlock

Recent Articles:

Oliver’s Restaurant and Lodge

“Every guest that sets foot in here should enjoy the feeling of being at home,” Tanja says. “That means they should feel comfy enough to put their feet on the coffee table or fall asleep on one of the couches.”


Africa Joy

Unique, handmade pieces that irresistibly find their way into your bag, the broad range of products on display cover something for the home, body, accessories, toys, men, women and children. Locals pop in for small gifts and cards, tourists pick up a special something that reminds them of White River and their Lowveld travels. And that friendly, go all out for the customer approach of Dudu’s that sold Africa Joy to Marlize in the first place remains.


A little birdie told us…

Roy’s advice for anyone wanting to attract birds to their garden is to set out fruit and seed daily – he recommends the bulk feed dealer in town for quantities of seed. Be aware – when a bird finds a fly-by food stop, he calls a friend. Or 20. So your budget could be nibbled up very quickly. Don’t forget a birdbath, either, that’s another winning draw for dusty feathers.


White River Gallery

Like so many White River stories, this one begins with an idea distilled over a bottle of wine. Louis van der Merwe, owner of Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre and architect Gavin Smitsdorp decided that the beautiful lifestyle experience of Casterbridge needed a place to capture the artistic soul of the Lowveld, somewhere that visitors could linger and take their fill of the talented output that nestles in this corner of the world. A gallery was born, the clean exterior lines of the metal sheeted building act as a perfect foil for the oft times colourful, sometimes enormous always interesting display of creative art that fills the lofty, open space within.


Smart Junction

“As a teacher my goal is to prepare children for the real world.” We need entrepreneurs – people with confidence. Our kids need to leave the system with their confidence intact so they can apply for jobs, go into a bank and ask for a loan. Take risks and invest in their future.”



Slow living in White River doesn’t mean you can’t be productive, or make a difference, or be involved. It also doesn’t mean slow service – often the downside of living in the “Slowveld”!


Lowveld Link

And Kallie should know – he established Lowveld Link in 1992 and 24 years later the company continues to grow and diversify into many facets of people transport. He describes Lowveld Link as the Mpumalanga Lowveld’s all-in-one transport solution and it’s easy to understand why.