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White River, Mpumalanga

The serene town of White River, situated in the Mpumalanga province just north of Nelspruit, is the perfect spot from which to explore the magical beauty of the Lowveld. This includes the world famous Kruger National Park, many other game reserves and also the awe-inspiring Blyde River Canyon; God’s Window and numerous waterfalls on the escarpment.
White River is the home of numerous craftsmen and artists, exquisite restaurants and places to stay . There is plenty to do and the area is central to some of the best cycling and hiking trails.
White River is easily accessible via a good road network (either self drive or tour bus) and a well-connected airport just 15 minutes away. The cooler climate & higher altitude make it a good option for a base for a safari (game reserves are 25minutes away). Add to this the good schools and facilities and you get a great place to live.

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Recent Articles:


Caterworld is known for their passion for the White River community and they often help with functions at old age homes, Care Buddies, Hospice, SPCA etc. They believe that they have to give back to the community in order to be successful themselves.


Boosting farming through bee forage gardens – By Inge Lotter

This forage garden planting plan contains a variety of plant options (medium shrubs and herbs, small and large trees, and pasturage) to meet the needs of both the grower and the bees. It also lays out detailed information on their growth and flowering specifics, their location and soil requirements, and their value to the bees in terms of nectar and pollen.


Calvary Assembly of God White River

The church is not one to keep its pleasant spot to itself and is opening up a coffee shop on the veranda overlooking the garden. All will be welcome and we can attest to it being a good spot to relax, either with your children playing on the lawn or for a quick meeting.


E-River Blog – By Thabo Khoza

In conclusion to all budding ecommerce entrepreneurs, “Do things that don’t scale” (Reid Hoffman, co-founder LinkedIn) and focus on one service or product and allow the market to determine your complementary and substitute products.


Lowveld Vet

Lowveld Vet, previously known as Vet@Casterbridge recently moved to Palm Street from their Casterbridge premises. They have expanded hugely and can now provide a 24-hour around the clock monitoring and emergency service to your furry friends. T


Di’s Window on White River – Collaboration

In a time where there seems to be so much division, separation, fear and hatred in this beautiful country of ours, I’m choosing to focus on collaboration, connection and community. Building relationships and bridges. Reaching out and focussing on a positive future for South Africa because I can be the change. How about you?


NG Kerk Witrivier – ‘n Oase van Jesusliefde

The We Are White River team were blown away by the generosity and the good work that this church is doing in the community of White River and further afield. We left with the feeling we had met with good people with whom we look forward to exploring further the ideas discussed. This gemeente is definitely part of the WE in We Are White River.


Abeba Technologies

Thabo calls White River home and he matriculated at our highly regarded Uplands College. He loves local and his message to businesses here is to think big, which he certainly does. Could Abeba Tech be part of the digitization of the South African business flower market? That’s Thabo’s “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”.


Brand Yourself – Know It, Sell It! – By Kathy Knott

Being married to a marketer and brand strategist is no mean feat. I hear a constant commentary/critique on the latest adverts, billboards, product placements or the myriad other ways that companies find to bring their product to your attention. At times I find companies’ constant opportunism quite exhausting, and feel if I stand still long enough someone will stick a poster on me (if I’m not wearing a logo already). Being a counselling psychologist, I often see clients who are in a career process of some sort – whether it be for exploration, creation, transition or cessation. The overlap between these two disparate fields – namely psychology and marketing – is rather intriguing.