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White River, Mpumalanga

The serene town of White River, situated in the Mpumalanga province just north of Nelspruit, is the perfect spot from which to explore the magical beauty of the Lowveld. This includes the world famous Kruger National Park, many other game reserves and also the awe-inspiring Blyde River Canyon; God’s Window and numerous waterfalls on the escarpment.
White River is the home of numerous craftsmen and artists, exquisite restaurants and places to stay . There is plenty to do and the area is central to some of the best cycling and hiking trails.
White River is easily accessible via a good road network (either self drive or tour bus) and a well-connected airport just 15 minutes away. The cooler climate & higher altitude make it a good option for a base for a safari (game reserves are 25minutes away). Add to this the good schools and facilities and you get a great place to live.

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It’s a new year. The Silly Season is fast coming to an end and we are once again faced with the “reality” of life. The shops already filled with “Back to School” advertising as our Matrics are hopefully celebrating the culmination of 12 years of school, ready to move onto the next chapter in their lives and many wonder how they are going to get through what feels like the longest month of the year with pay-day very far away!


Why We Are White River – By Hilton Barnett

We continue with this in 2018, emboldened by what we have learnt and the support of fabulous White Riverians, but also aware that we have actually achieved only a little and it is a slow process, requiring sustained support from the community. We need to all BE White River!


Di’s Window on White River – Happy Christmas

It’s that time of year again, a time of slowing down or gearing up if you happen to work in the retail or hospitality sectors. While many look forward to lazy days and holidays, time to replenish and rest, others are facing the hustle and bustle and long days in their stores and lodges making the most of the “milk and honey” time.


Top Teeth Tips

Regular dental check ups and daily care are essential for that sparkling smile. To find a White River dentist, visit our webpage.


5 Plants you need in your home

Thanks to NASA research in the late 1980’s, we have a list of air-purifying houseplants we should have in our homes. These beauties filter out harmful compounds in the air and make it healthier to breathe. If the space stations can green their living space with greenery that removes toxins from the air, we have no excuse.


Waging War on Cellulite

Cellulite is what happens when pockets of fat push up against the skin. Bands of connective tissue act like tennis racquet strings and this creates the charming dimples. Arms, tummy, thighs and butt can be affected.


5 Tips For a Healthy Summer Body

There is no better summer activity in White River than relaxing over a good meal with friends at one of the many restaurants in town. For a full list of eating establishments, click http://wearewhiteriver.com/white-river-eats/.