Yes, you can make a difference – By Hilton Barnett

In a recent speech, actor Jeff Bridges referenced ocean-going tankers. These require enormous rudders to turn, and it took too much energy to turn the rudder to turn the ship. So engineers came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s put a little rudder on the big rudder. The little rudder will turn the big rudder, the big rudder will turn the ship. The little rudder is called a trim tab.

Resilience: Bending and not breaking your business

We have suggested that there are 3 pillars of resilience essential for sustaining the community of White River. To be sure there are probably more issues out there, but these three cover most:

Social resilience: the way the White Riverians work together, support each other and build bridges, not walls

Environmental resilience: looking after nature, from which everything ultimately originates.

Economic resilience: building and maintaining sound businesses and encouraging people to want to be in White River and buy from White River.

The Power of Connection – Hilton Barnett

Reflecting more deeply on connection, it is striking that so many of us prefer to stand in our corner than to really connect. We stay on our same predictable path, surrounded by our self-fulfilling prophecies where the only things we seek are confirmations of our bias and support for the stories we have made up about life.

Community – Hilton Barnett

The aim of We Are White River is to in a small way help to build a resilient community. We want to focus on 3 parts of resilience: social, economic and environmental. Everything we do revolves around those 3 things and we hope that the growing support of active individuals, businesses and community organisations will get us there.

WRWR – Enjoying the Ride!

I reflected on our work at “We Are White River” and how uplifting it has been. Humans are meant to be social beings and over the past two months I have connected with both friends and acquaintances on a deeper level and met a whole bunch of new people that have knocked my socks off. All of this despite being out of town for a lot of the time – it’s been intense!