I love White River. It’s a sweet, peaceful little town at the “foothills” of the Kruger National Park… or, in other words, White River is like a “suburb” to the Kruger Park. Be blessed, White River!

Cristelle Otto

White River has stunning energy! I have been here 17 months now and my body, mind and spirit feel so refreshed by the surrounding nature. Fabulous people, Fabulous White River. ♥

eve nadine smith
Eve Nadine Smith

I think the old Timbuctoo Restaurant, the \”mooi klein klip kerkie\” St George\’s Church and the Karula Hotel was what persuaded us to stay. And now the warm, friendly and caring community would make it very hard to leave. We need the pride of We Are White River to keep us focused on what is important for our town.

Ginny du Toit
Ginny du Toit

I moved here from London in 1992. I was tired of the rat race and the lack of sunshine. The open and warm hearted people and the sense of community have made me stay. The opportunities are endless and the support from the community for Zannas over the last ten years has been unbelievable .Thank you. – Sue Butowsky

Sue Butowsky White River
Sue ButowskyOwner of Zannas & Casterbridge Cinema

We visited White River for new year, the second time in a year to meet up with some friends we met on our first visit in January 2014. We had one of the best nights out we have had in a long time. White River was such a surprise with its bars and restaurant always out to please their customers and a great stop over for visiting Mozambique or the Kruger Park. Good to go to places in South Africa that make you feel safe. As a visitor from the UK we are always very aware of our safety and felt very safe in White River. Can’t wait to go back again hopefully soon. Thanks White River Ross from Cheshire UK.  – Ross Still

Ross Still

We arrived in White River through sheer good luck when a local family lent us their house for  a few days.  They will be coming to our house in Alaska before very long.  White River has such contrasts between the older and more affluent center and the newer townships that surround it.  Even though we stayed in the center,  we enjoyed the brief look we had at a less hectic lifesyle in the townships.  The highlight was the music and African dance that one local tour operator arranged for us to see.

Bill & Jane Wiebe

For years we cherished the dream to live in the Lowveld until in 1991 we managed to move to White River. During the next 22 years I raised my only child there and evolved from housewife and mother to journalist who established and edited the town’s first own official community newspaper. The biggest privilege of running the White River Post was to have a “staff” contingent of 10 000 (or more) enthusiastic photographers and contributors to the content of that newspaper. I only left White River for Namibia – my birth country – where I recently established and am now the editor of the Windhoek Express, but during our 13-month stay here, we have been back to White River for visits twice and are already planning the third… White River remains the second best place on earth!

Mariana BaltCoordinating Editor: Windhoek Express at Namibia Media Holdings

Driving towards White River from my home I am always reminded of a little Swiss town nestled among the hills. The only thing missing is snow! I love how “popping into the shops” becomes a 2-hour social event as you keep bumping into people you know who want to stop and chat. The sense of community here is very very special.

Di Atherton
Di AthertonFacilitator at Performance Booster

We are White River connects locals … And White River locals are worth it 🙂

Lyndsay Read White River
Lyndsay Read

I remember in the ‘old days’ before we actually lived in WR coming up to the game reserve with a bunch of JHB friends several times.  We used to stop at the Bambi Hotel for breakfast and then tea and scones (the best ever!) at the Old White River Hotel.  It was the start of the holiday!!  Wonderful hotel with real antique furniture and silver ornaments, cutlery etc. Old fashioned and beautiful. And they had this amazing creeper in the outside with red flowers and we used to pinch a bit to grow in Jhb  – without success!

Vivien RossaakNatural Health Consultant

A cool town full of awesome people! There is always something different going on, so never a dull moment. But, at the same time we are close enough to nature to enjoy the quiet time when needed.

Keith Kirton
Keith KirtonOwner at Dynamic Vision Optometrists

Just loving your ‘We are White River (Riviera?)’.

Sharon Van Reenen White River
Sharon van Reenen

We moved here 7 years ago and have never looked back! We have made many friends and it has been a great place for our kids.White River is full of remarkable people with loads of talent. Excellent cycling here – I just need to get on the bike more often!

Hilton Barnett
Hilton BarnettFounder of We Are White River

Endless Opportunities.

Grethe MaletaOwner of Mahoi's Cafe

Everything is really close in White River and it wasn’t long after I arrived that I caught myself thinking twice about driving ‘all the way out’ to Casterbridge!! It is only 10 minutes away – if that! I know….‪#‎facepalm‬

rosemary hall
Rose HallDigital Marketing & Social Media Solutions

White River embodies tranquil country living surrounded by natural beauty and warm friendly down-to- earth people who enjoy a good party. One can enjoy miles and miles of magnificent walks or bicycle rides through magical forests and rolling hills. White River is perfectly located and only a 30 minute drive to the Kruger Park or to the scenic splendour of the Panorama route.

David & Jess Mortlock
Jess Mortlock

We have been living in White River for nearly 27 years.  We moved here when my husband got a position at the local council.  I walk every morning and looking up at Legogote as I walk down Impala Street I realize what a great place this is. We love Kruger, and can pop in any time, with White River so close by.  A small town with friendly, caring people. Love it!

Marinda Drake

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