10 things I’ve learned about the creative process and navigating life – By Larissa Bester

Just like in the Brené Brown quote above I’ve sometimes been afraid of the discomfort of vulnerability. Of not being in control, of not being perfect. But creativity, any creativity, not just physically creating something out of nothing, but creativity in decisions and in navigating life, can only exist if we realise that perfection doesn’t exist, and that failure is ok. We must step out into the “chaos” to be brave for only then can magic and growth happen. Anything less, will lead to stagnation

The White River Gallery

With its contemporary exterior of concrete, glass and iron, the gallery has been a strongly recognisable feature in White River and surrounds, associated for many years with art-related events in the Lowveld. Designed as the quintessential “white cube”, its ingenious inverted ceiling allows the flow of natural light, the interior warmly reminiscent of church-like serenity facilitating the viewing of art in peaceful solitude. Although it is much loved by the community as an arts gem, regular visitors from further afield have fuelled its countrywide reputation as a gallery of standing and consistency.

Mary-Ann Wiggill – Live Wedding Painting

Live wedding painting is the creation of an art piece from a scene at your wedding. What a remarkable event for the bride, groom and guests to enjoy on the day – being able to watch the creation of an artwork from start to finish. This is a massive step back in time to the days before location photography, when occasions were captured by artists rather than celluloid.

Maria Ziessler – Potter of the Month

Maria Ziessler and her husband Holger moved to South Africa in 2000 and soon after opened their ceramic studio. Her love for salt glazed and wood fired pottery came from her childhood where old traditional pottery of this kind was handed down from generation to generation and with the inspirations gathered from Japanese and German potters she began to rebuild the studio

Africa Photographic Services

The APS Photo Academy provides photographic tuition on an exclusive group or one-on-one basis and is facilitated by renowned South African photographers. APS offer courses for beginners to advanced, in field or in a classroom environment. They also offer courses on tools and programs such as Lightroom, as well as workshops helping people get to know their gear.

Uplands Festival

For three days, people gather to watch sport ranging from rugby, hockey and netball to horse riding. Market stalls selling a vast array of products to eat, drink, wear, read, look at, smear onto our bodies do a bustling trade. A secure playground for the little ones means that parents can enjoy the Festival for a bit, knowing Junior is having a ball on the slide and jumping castle, under watchful eyes.

the artists press white river mpumalanga

The Artists’ Press

Staunch supporters of South African talent, The Artists’ Press tends to restrict themselves to South African work and are enthusiastic about the substantial growth enjoyed by the print sector in SA. The industry is well supported by both collectors and galleries. “Our role,” says Mark, “is to facilitate the natural approach of each artist.”

white river gallery

White River Gallery

Like so many White River stories, this one begins with an idea distilled over a bottle of wine. Louis van der Merwe, owner of Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre and architect Gavin Smitsdorp decided that the beautiful lifestyle experience of Casterbridge needed a place to capture the artistic soul of the Lowveld, somewhere that visitors could linger and take their fill of the talented output that nestles in this corner of the world. A gallery was born, the clean exterior lines of the metal sheeted building act as a perfect foil for the oft times colourful, sometimes enormous always interesting display of creative art that fills the lofty, open space within.