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The aim of We Are White River is to in a small way help to build a resilient community. We want to focus on 3 parts of resilience: social, economic and environmental. Everything we do revolves around those 3 things and we hope that the growing support of active individuals, businesses and community organisations will get us there.

Di’s Window on White River

Writing this blog every month gets Di Atherton to take a closer look at the town she has called home for the past 20 years. She was shocked the other day to realise that 2016 is the 20th anniversary of their move from Benoni out onto a farm in the Peebles Valley.

sudwala caves

Sudwala Caves – Eksteen Jacobsz

According to the travel website South (LINK – Sudwala Caves is rated as one of the top three cave systems to visit in Southern Africa. Situated a mere fifty kilometres west from White River this 240 million year old natural wonder is a wonderfully entertaining and informative day trip for White Riverians or tourists.

Di’s Window on White River

If you ever attend a function in White River, no matter what it might be, there is a fairly good chance you will meet at least a few people you know. Shrieks and cries of joy fill the air as your gaze falls upon a familiar face. As you happily rush to greet them, you may well be introduced to someone else with the words “I am sure you know “XYZ”. Very often the response will be “well, I haven’t met them, but the face is familiar” or “No, but I know the name”.

Unsung Heroes

One of the perks of working at We Are White River is that we come into contact with a variety of every day Stars quietly getting on with fixing things that need fixing and making White River a cleaner, better town without making song or dance of it. They grasp what being part of a community is all about – helpfulness, friendliness and connection.

way to go white river

Way To Go Photography

Eksteen Jacobsz: “You have to earn the trust of your customers, you have to be able to work with all sorts of people in all sorts of stressful environments and still deliver the product. Without fail. Every time. And that is what you pay for as a customer. Ease of mind that your photographer will exceed your expectations and give you value for your hard earned money.”