richard spoor white river

Richard Spoor – Human Rights Attorney

Richard Spoor is a South African activist and human rights attorney based in White River Mpumalanga who has more than 25 years of experience in complex litigation. A pioneer throughout the past 20 years in the fight for workers’ rights and safety, Spoor has become what The American Lawyer called the “bête noir” of the South Africa Mining Industry because of his unwavering commitment to holding mining companies accountable for their alleged ill treatment of workers, who are some of the country’s most underprivileged citizens.

Roger Mortlock – ITU World Triathlon Grand Final, Cozumel, Mexico

This September, one lucky local fish (or should we call him a lizard? What animal can swim, cycle and run?) named Roger Mortlock will be travelling to Cozumel to race in the grand final of the World Triathlon Championship. This championship is split up into a week’s worth of events, where Roger will be participating on the last day in the Age Group Standard, just before the world’s elite athletes compete.

Di’s Window on White River

Driving home from Nelspruit late at night, I silently pray that I won’t see any, but as I sweep on up the R40 arms reach out from the dark pavement, desperately trying to catch my attention. My heart sinks. Outside the Mall, again when you come into White River and then at the big roundabout at Casterbridge, you will see them – restaurant staff and shift workers trying to get home at the end of a long and tiring day.

Quinton Coetzee

Quinton Coetzee is a national household name thanks to being an anchor for the popular and longest running programme on SABC – 50/50, and presenter of Veldfocus. And if you’re in the corporate world there is a good chance you might have been lucky enough to attend a conference either in South Africa or abroad at which Quinton was the guest speaker.

White River War Room

Establishing Operation Vuka Sisebente (OVS) in 2015 sought to improve ward level coordination and planning as key levers for service delivery. At the heart of OVS are the war rooms, established in each ward and chaired by the Ward Councillor. War rooms are a service delivery engine to deliver a fully coordinated and integrated basket of services by different stakeholders, and White River residents of Ward 30 will be happy to hear that they have a very active war room.