And how! Whether you’re indulging in goodies from our local chocolatier or a soupcon of White River’s Orange wine, refilling the pantry, putting new treads on your fast car, even buying a new car, there is plenty to get your credit card a’ quivering out and about in White River. Bed linen, ink cartridges, books or a new phone, we’ve got it covered.

WRWR Articles on Shops

Live Local, Shop Local

Bagdad Market, held monthly every 2nd Saturday, is a great showcase of locally grown and produced products. You are sure to find a gift, flowers, superb deli items and more while you browse. Organisers Sue and Rowena are very conscious about supporting local entrepreneurs of all ages, and support a local charity each month as well. Can you think of a more worthwhile place to spend your moola?


Mopani Pharmacy

Mopani staff and customers will, however, gladly add Rob Gibbs as the fifth pillar because his enormous heart for the community is legendary.


White River Garden Pavilion

White River Garden Pavilion is a lush corner of colour and tranquillity; the perfect place to escape for a cup of tea or a light lunch and to meander along the verdant arrangements of plants. Dally a while sniffing fragrant herbs and flowers and reclaim a little bit of your soul back from the general daily rush.



Chalkboard signs simply mention berries, flowers and veggies and the gates are wide open but, being polite Saffers, few venture through the portal. Oh, how you should. The understated entrance belies the enchanting ‘honesty’ fresh produce shop within.


BUCO Hardware and Buildware

The BUCO philosophy of genuine partnership with their customers, rather than merely serving as a warehouse for building products is best exemplified by their motto of “Let’s Build Together”.


Simply Slowveld

Partner and Designer Sue San Giorgio has filled the space with elegant tableware and a beautiful array of ladies linen clothing. The popular ranges of men’s and ladies tee-shirts have been supplemented by the arrival of the Jack, Sophie and Winston collection, depicting the casual, outdoor and fun Slowveld lifestyle. Bags, notebooks and mugs make wonderful and useful gifts to take home and if you live locally and absolutely can’t decide which gem to choose, Simply Slowveld have gift vouchers too.


africa joy white river

Africa Joy

Unique, handmade pieces that irresistibly find their way into your bag, the broad range of products on display cover something for the home, body, accessories, toys, men, women and children. Locals pop in for small gifts and cards, tourists pick up a special something that reminds them of White River and their Lowveld travels. And that friendly, go all out for the customer approach of Dudu’s that sold Africa Joy to Marlize in the first place remains.


Celebrate Flower Studio

She herself sparkles and bubbles like a chilled bottle of Dom Pérignon and her energy is deliciously infectious – this is a lady who adores what she does.


Sabie Valley Coffee

Sabie Valley Coffee offers four different roasts of their variety of Malawian beans from subtle to lively and robust. Pick your passion for a flavoursome sip to an energy kick!



Today, Daleen and her mother Mats are hands-on and Bedmat has adapted to changing times. Daleen has embarked upon an ambitious expansion plan, opening a branch in Nelspruit as well as in White River town and begun an online service. “It’s personal for us,” Daleen says, “we’re not working for anybody else.” Their traditional business is strongly repeat based, often the third generation of Eddie’s original customers are still shopping at Bedmat.


Bosch Ceramic Studio – Anton Bosch

Anton and Hanlie met at Art School and returned to Esias’s studio in White River from where they began working and developing their individual styles until about 10 years ago they built their current studio and gallery adjacent to their home in St George Street.


rottcher wineries white river

Rottcher Wineries

Frank Theron: “I have a passion for it and besides, it’s great fun to sit and watch the product make itself!”
Originally from Cape Town, Frank Theron has wine running through his veins. Looking ahead towards impending early retirement and encouraged by his friends he bought the old Rottcher Wineries business in 2012 and set about turning a passion into a future.