Napoleon discovered that an army marches on its stomach and life in White River revolves quite seriously around ours! Whether it’s a meal on the go, a leisurely lunch overlooking the golf course, romantic dinner for two, coffee with the girls, pub grub in front of the big screened game or frenetic fun and noise while swallowing some spice, we’ve listed the places where White River eats on this page for you.

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5 Tips For a Healthy Summer Body

There is no better summer activity in White River than relaxing over a good meal with friends at one of the many restaurants in town. For a full list of eating establishments, click


Picassos white river

Picasso’s Mexican Taqueria

Picasso’s is a Mexican Taqueria situated in White River Mpumlanga and specialising in food for sharing. Good atmosphere, good friends and tequila too!


The Courtyard Café

Liz and Nic are passionate about community service and they have been involved with Rotary, Round Table and Lifeline. They have various community projects in the pipeline and are planning some charity events. Watch this space!


Summer Eating

Fruit-wise, apples, Cape gooseberries, coconuts (also a good oil to cook with), dates, guavas, grapefruit, naartjies, oranges, paw paws, pineapples, pears, sweet melon, strawberries lemons (get your daily dose by adding a slice to your glass of water. Or your evening G n T!), nectarines, bananas and avocados. Great, we have plenty of avos around us, filled with healthy oil (we should be cooking with avo oil as well) and they are delicious in breakfast smoothies, on pizza and salads and prepared a heap of other ways as well. Lovely to see Lowveld fruit crops such as grapefruit, naartjies, oranges, paw paws, lemons, guavas and bananas are in season now.


Eating out in White River

So, besides the obvious things, like no cockroaches in the food, what makes it work well for a customer? We’re keen to hear your views as we’d like to help our local restaurants to do better, so that much-needed visitors share good news rather than bad.



Needless to say, the friendly Wimpy staff are always ready to look after customers both regular and new. Whether this is your local or you are just passing through White River, at Wimpy you can be assured of a warm welcome, great service and good food in a modern, comfortable setting. And to be greeted with huge Wimpy smiles!


Magnolia Restaurant and Café

Situated opposite the Casterbridge Hollow Boutique Hotel, Magnolia Restaurant & Café is a breath of fresh air on the White River and South African culinary scene. Inspired by rural French charm, it offers a sophisticated yet relaxed taste of the best the region has to offer.


olivers restaurant white river

Oliver’s Restaurant and Lodge

“Every guest that sets foot in here should enjoy the feeling of being at home,” Tanja says. “That means they should feel comfy enough to put their feet on the coffee table or fall asleep on one of the couches.”


Debonairs, Fishaways and Steers fill the gap!

Community conscious, the Steers, Fishaways and Debonairs group are very active in the White River community donating food to orphanages and old age homes and helping out the schools when they have large functions.


Sabie Valley Coffee

Sabie Valley Coffee offers four different roasts of their variety of Malawian beans from subtle to lively and robust. Pick your passion for a flavoursome sip to an energy kick!


64 Coolmore

Carl and Megan van der Merwe are renowned in White River for the convivial, relaxed eating they delivered at the restaurant they founded, Fez. Their new venture, 64 Coolmore, combines Megan’s sophisticated chic décor style with Carl’s eclectic cooking to offer White Riverian’s a place to enjoy good, slow cooked food combined with a comfortable, luxe ambiance.