Hilton Barnett

Hilton Barnett has 20 years’ experience working in and with organisations across 7 countries, developing effective working relationships through positive culture. Working mainly in mining and related industries, he also has experience in other sectors, including banking, government departments, educational and child welfare institutions and a range of small organisations, including non-profit work.

Hilton has a Bachelor of Social Science from UCT and an MA Psychology from Sydney University. His passion is understanding people and the creativity unleashed through connecting people in communities.

Hilton and Kate moved to White River in 2006 with their two sons and have set down firm roots in the town. Thomas and William both attended Uplands College and they are now busy with University in Cape Town and Johannesburg

Kate has been a major contributor to environmental awareness at Uplands and to the Local-lish-us local eating concept (see their Facebook page Local-Lish-Us). She has developed a successful business, Simply Slowveld, which built on the We are White River T-shirt brand.

Hilton has a vision for a proud and resilient White River community that works together; promotes its strengths and looks after the environment = We Are White River

Larissa Bester has been living in White River for the past 9 years after moving here from Pretoria. She has a BA Language and Culture degree from Stellenbosch University and an International Baccalaureate Diploma from the International School of Beijing. She’s lived in Beijing, Hong Kong, Stellenbosch, and Pretoria, but she fell in love with White River and its people.

Larissa loves writing and working with people. She has a passion for community and loves staying in a place where one has a sense of belonging. Life is certainly more laid back here than in Pretoria and it is wonderful not to have the stress of traffic and always having to be in a rush!

Larissa is a mom of three young children and she thinks that White River is a wonderful place to raise children as it is safe and there are many things to do in and around town to keep the little ones busy.

She is passionate about We Are White River and loves networking and talking to people and finding out where one can make a difference. What a privilege it is to work for a company where positivity is the heartbeat of the organisation!