Nut Grove Manor

Nut Grove Manor offers first class accommodation in a historical colonial country setting. The owners pride themselves on their exceptional service and meeting every guest’s expectations. And besides offering superb accommodation, Nut Grove is available as a venue hire.

Pam Golding

Key business for Pam Golding White River is residential sales but due to White River’s country location, their portfolio includes a component of smallholding and farming properties. The local office is part of the well-known Pam Golding Group, so enjoys the muscle and support of a top industry role player.

Brown is the new Green

Let your dusty car be a badge of Responsible Citizenship Honour, and if you have to wash it, go one better than the minimum requirements and use a bucket. Isolate a small area of your garden to save, and use your grey water to keep it going. The rest will come back when the heavens finally open and after all, brown is the new green! Collect every possible drop of water and use it – toilet flush, washing dishes and hands, car wash etc.