Enabling greater civility towards each other

The moment we are humane as a community; the levels of trust and respect towards each other is present. Our historical inequalities infused with racial hatred, injustices and intolerable public morality has ended and should not be repeated nor alluded to for the wrong reasons. We need to, as a community, fully accept our constitutional democracy founded on the values of equality, human dignity and human rights.

Awakening ourselves to moral perceptions – Sandile Tshabalala

It is true that unwarranted and unfounded emotions are discarded just like beliefs especially when discovered they are false. As human beings, our interaction with each other is a constant application of our perception, as we grow; these perception are altered to some extent. However, at what point should we actively know the right time to change our perceptions about the happenings of life in our homes and communities? I concur with Prof Nassbaum that a change in ones feelings also brings with it a change in ones beliefs – as such we should venture to sincerely question our perceptions