What if we looked beyond the differences and celebrated the connections? By Di Atherton

Sadly, the norm these days is the moment something crosses our path that is ‘different’, not up to our expectations or standards, we jump onto the criticise bandwagon. We immediately look for all the faults, all the reasons why it’s just wrong. We don’t hold back in the viciousness of our attacks, which fortunately are often only verbal, but pretty devastating nonetheless and continue to create even more division.

Refuse the plastic straw – By Di Atherton

It’s fascinating to watch people endlessly complaining about litter and yet not coming up with solutions. When the Municipal strikes are on and the streets are trashed with rubbish bins upended, very few businesses get down and dirty and clean up their little section of road and pavement. Why should they? It’s “someone else’s” problem.

Di’s Window on White River – Collaboration

In a time where there seems to be so much division, separation, fear and hatred in this beautiful country of ours, I’m choosing to focus on collaboration, connection and community. Building relationships and bridges. Reaching out and focussing on a positive future for South Africa because I can be the change. How about you?


Life consists of a series of experiences and yet so often it seems to be more about seeing the experiences through the phone or tablet so we can immediately post on social media. So the question is, are we really experiencing the experience in that moment, or are we simply wanting to document it to show the world where we are, who we are with and what an amazing time we are having?