December 7, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
Casterbridge Cinema
013 751 3894

Keeping up with the Kandasamys Showing 7th & 8th December at 6pm.

Shanti Naidoo is a typical Type- A personality. Always on the move, going out of her way to please people, and overcompensating for her perceived inadequacies by continually cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Her life would be just fine, except that her neighbor Jennifer Kandasamy always seems to hold the upper hand! Somehow Jennifer appears to outdo whatever Shanti does and life appears to be a constant battle of trying to keep up with the Kandasamys. When Jennifer realizes her daughter Jodi is in love with Shanti’s son Pranesh, she is determined to break them up. But in order to do that she will have to enlist her rival’s help! At first Shanti refuses point blank, but they both soon realize that they have no choice. The last thing they need is to be related to one another! Together the two women scheme and plot, recruit prospective partners and generally interfere in the lives of their kids wherever they can.


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