Gozone Water comes to town

Ozonation is where ozone is used to sterilise and disinfect the water. This process is faster and stronger than adding chlorine. The by-product of chlorine is really bad for you, but the by-product of ozone results in three times more oxygen in your water. Although reverse osmosis is one of the best ways to purify water, it also strips water of all its minerals. That is why Gozone reintroduces certain salts and minerals to the water to create electrolyte balancing, ensuring effective hydration.


Caterworld is known for their passion for the White River community and they often help with functions at old age homes, Care Buddies, Hospice, SPCA etc. They believe that they have to give back to the community in order to be successful themselves.

Lowveld Vet

Lowveld Vet, previously known as Vet@Casterbridge recently moved to Palm Street from their Casterbridge premises. They have expanded hugely and can now provide a 24-hour around the clock monitoring and emergency service to your furry friends. T

Fine and Country White River

Fine and Country

Dalene Minnaar has every reason to be proud of her Fine and Country office, “We have a diverse range of skills in our office, and boast over 50 years of experience in the property market, mostly in White River.” She ticks off the degrees, diplomas and national certificates that her agents have earned in many spheres, not merely property.