Abeba Technologies

Thabo calls White River home and he matriculated at our highly regarded Uplands College. He loves local and his message to businesses here is to think big, which he certainly does. Could Abeba Tech be part of the digitization of the South African business flower market? That’s Thabo’s “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”.

WR Entrepreneurs: Ndabe Msizi Kweyama

Ndabe credits an older cousin for exposing him to the business world and providing vital mentorship that opened up Ndabe’s rather rudimentary, linear view to what is possible in the wider scope of the financial world. ‘Think Big’ was the lesson he learned. He’s paid his dues and established a successful career for himself first at PricewaterhouseCoopers then with Ernst & Young in Johannesburg.

People of White River: Hudson Mabwe

Hudson Mabwe is a talented and hardworking man. His wire and bead creations are a familiar sight near the Spur on the R40. White River folk might have noticed that the animal lights we put up for last year’s #nightofthelights were Hudson’s handiwork.

He is a prolific producer of animals and plants in a variety of sizes, his largest being a 2.5 metre elephant.

The Zebra is his favourite, but Rhinos are the most popular amongst his customers, who include visitors from America, Britain and Singapore – so Hudson is helping spread Slowveld charm around the world!

He and his wife Stacey have lived in the area since 2009 and they have three children. Hudson says he learnt his craft from his two brothers – they clearly taught him well!

First prize for Hudson and Stacey would be to find a better place to base his business; “Hope Creative Art” these creations. If anyone has any ideas then you can get hold of him at 071 7436650

People of White River: Tracy Mashava

Tracy Mashava sells fruits and vegetables outside White River Primary. She gets up at 04:00 every morning to take a taxi from White River to the Nelspruit Fresh Produce Market. There she buys her fruit and veggies for the day and takes another taxi back to White River. Tracy has done this for the past three years to support her two children at home. She sells great looking bananas, tomatoes, grapefruit, avos, lemons and more. How about stopping by and supporting her once in a while?

Simon Sutherland

Through Rotary Simon has got stuck into many community projects ranging from sponsoring the SAPS monthly officer awards, assisting the SPCA, fundraising for various schools, to feeding orphans. Through the hotel he assists the local Hospice, Ma Esther’s orphanage, the local MOTHS, Laapeng centre, Millenum, Hlokomela Centre and the Children in Distress with Manna Church.

richard spoor white river

Richard Spoor – Human Rights Attorney

Richard Spoor is a South African activist and human rights attorney based in White River Mpumalanga who has more than 25 years of experience in complex litigation. A pioneer throughout the past 20 years in the fight for workers’ rights and safety, Spoor has become what The American Lawyer called the “bête noir” of the South Africa Mining Industry because of his unwavering commitment to holding mining companies accountable for their alleged ill treatment of workers, who are some of the country’s most underprivileged citizens.

Quinton Coetzee

Quinton Coetzee is a national household name thanks to being an anchor for the popular and longest running programme on SABC – 50/50, and presenter of Veldfocus. And if you’re in the corporate world there is a good chance you might have been lucky enough to attend a conference either in South Africa or abroad at which Quinton was the guest speaker.