Food for Thought

As you age, the body’s ability to process nutrients decreases but it’s never too late to push back cognitive decline. By adding certain foods to your diet and avoiding processed foods (white bread, maize meal, sugar and fried foods) you can help your brain to function optimally.

Freyja Holistic Wellness and Day Spa

The team are unique in the industry as they are not beauticians but therapists. They help you find peace and balance, whether you’ve chosen to enjoy a full body massage or a Spa Pedicure. The Freyja team pride themselves in offering the highest quality therapy in a hygienic, discreet and serene environment. Freyja offers peace and tranquillity where you can unravel and leave all your worries while receiving truly healing pamper therapy.

My Smile

My Smile at Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre is for clients who value their teeth. Drs Auke van der Meulen and Karen Kromhout try to book longer appointments for each patient, ensuring there is plenty of time for an unhurried, complete check-up where the emphasis is on quality of service and care.