Awakening ourselves to moral perceptions – Sandile Tshabalala

It is true that unwarranted and unfounded emotions are discarded just like beliefs especially when discovered they are false. As human beings, our interaction with each other is a constant application of our perception, as we grow; these perception are altered to some extent. However, at what point should we actively know the right time to change our perceptions about the happenings of life in our homes and communities? I concur with Prof Nassbaum that a change in ones feelings also brings with it a change in ones beliefs – as such we should venture to sincerely question our perceptions


Blessed with ample grounds and a strong borehole, Lucy Ngobeni and her team of helpers are planting up the vegetable garden. In between the mango and pawpaw trees, neat rows of spinach, beetroot, onions, lettuce, cabbages, peppers, chillis and butternut promise an abundant return in the months to come.

Every Community Needs a Remakery

Sophie envisions changing social attitudes to repairing rather than dumping broken goods, and pushing manufacturers to build goods to last and to be repairable. This would include a spare parts sales business, as anyone who’s tried to replace a part on an appliance will appreciate being able to buy these products. My 20 month old mobile phone was referred to by a chuckling young Vodacom assistant as ‘obsolete’ when I wanted to buy a new cover for it recently. ‘No, we don’t keep stock of accessories for such old items.’ Grrrrr.

Liz Mackintosh – My Mpumalanga 2

The team’s eyes were opened to the challenges that many people face here in Mpumalanga. The satisfaction and fulfillment of being able to provide the solution to a problem and thus make a difference in many lives, was enhanced tenfold by the realization that their own mindsets and attitudes had also changed irrevocably. The givers had gained more than the receivers.