Living in the present moment – By Di Atherton

So often we find ourselves fighting time. We don’t have enough time. We run out of time. But if you think about it, time is just there. 86,400 seconds of it in a 24-hour period. The same for you and for me. The lesson for me that day was that the more I focussed on simply being in the moment, the less I paid attention to time and despite my expectation that the 7-hour stopover would drag on endlessly, it actually went really quickly.

Di’s Window on White River – Collaboration

In a time where there seems to be so much division, separation, fear and hatred in this beautiful country of ours, I’m choosing to focus on collaboration, connection and community. Building relationships and bridges. Reaching out and focussing on a positive future for South Africa because I can be the change. How about you?

NG Kerk Witrivier – ‘n Oase van Jesusliefde

The We Are White River team were blown away by the generosity and the good work that this church is doing in the community of White River and further afield. We left with the feeling we had met with good people with whom we look forward to exploring further the ideas discussed. This gemeente is definitely part of the WE in We Are White River.

Brand Yourself – Know It, Sell It! – By Kathy Knott

Being married to a marketer and brand strategist is no mean feat. I hear a constant commentary/critique on the latest adverts, billboards, product placements or the myriad other ways that companies find to bring their product to your attention. At times I find companies’ constant opportunism quite exhausting, and feel if I stand still long enough someone will stick a poster on me (if I’m not wearing a logo already). Being a counselling psychologist, I often see clients who are in a career process of some sort – whether it be for exploration, creation, transition or cessation. The overlap between these two disparate fields – namely psychology and marketing – is rather intriguing.

Resilience: Bending and not breaking your business

We have suggested that there are 3 pillars of resilience essential for sustaining the community of White River. To be sure there are probably more issues out there, but these three cover most:

Social resilience: the way the White Riverians work together, support each other and build bridges, not walls

Environmental resilience: looking after nature, from which everything ultimately originates.

Economic resilience: building and maintaining sound businesses and encouraging people to want to be in White River and buy from White River.