WRWR – Enjoying the Ride!

I reflected on our work at “We Are White River” and how uplifting it has been. Humans are meant to be social beings and over the past two months I have connected with both friends and acquaintances on a deeper level and met a whole bunch of new people that have knocked my socks off. All of this despite being out of town for a lot of the time – it’s been intense!

Di Atherton

Di Atherton: “I’m a do-er, not a wait-er and I go where I’m needed.”
Di Atherton is hard to categorise – she’s a woman in constant motion, ever alert to alternative ways in which to solve disconnect, empower youth and women, create balance and to be of service in any way she can.

Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre

The stylish décor and features synonymous with the centre are thanks to Louis’ many creative friends, who gave generous input and ideas. The result – a unique, tranquil spot that draws visitors and locals in to eat, shop and play. The lack of large anchor tenants and the large number of independent owner-managed businesses contributes to the centre’s charming, relaxed vibe.

What’s the risk of malaria in White River?

Malaria remains a risk throughout the Lowveld. The degree of risk fluctuates seasonally, higher in the summer when it rains and there are puddles of water in which the Anopheles mosquito can breed; lower in winter. The peak incidence months are usually March and April, as the incubation period is 7-14 days after being bitten by an infected mosquito. The level of risk is certainly higher in the Kruger Park and the Onderberg/Nkomazi, where the average temperatures are higher, but remember that mosquitos can be transported in vehicles out of the park to White River and Nelspruit. Trying to put a percentage to the risk level is meaningless.