Round Table White River 64

Round Table in Southern Africa includes South Africa and Namibia and is described in their Orange Handbook as “Round Table Southern Africa is a non-political, non-denominational association of young men between the ages of 18 & 40, embracing representatives of nearly every profession and occupation, whose objects encompass the encouragement of high ethical standards, promotion of networking and fellowship among young professional men, the quickening of individual interest everything affecting the public welfare, the promotion of understanding amongst peoples of different cultural, language and political backgrounds.”

Di’s Window on White River

My fellow We Are White River blogger Erven Mthimkhulu posted this comment on Facebook recently: “Anyone found the pause button… need to put this country on hold for a moment I found myself thinking “Oh Yes Please!” How wonderful to have a remote control that would give us some respite from this crazy world we seem…

Di’s Window on White River

Despite the fact that Summer tried to elbow Spring out of the picture completely, it IS the season of renewal, regeneration and rebirth. The season of change. As I inhale the delicious perfume of the jasmine and yesterday-today-tomorrow that fills the overheated air, there is a sense of expectation.

Life’s too Short to be Wasted!

The Slowveld is quite impressive, even to me, in its dedication to enjoying a glass of the best with great friends to accompany sunset, a great view, a sports game (even, or especially, school sports), any excuse really. We are spoilt by the range of delicious drinks at good prices, including some excellent local brews.

Willingness is key

Standing in the booth, alone, I pondered on what informed my political identity. Was it as simple as supporting the soccer team my father had introduced me to back in my childhood – and to this day I still wear the same colours?

Di’s Window on White River

Driving home from Nelspruit late at night, I silently pray that I won’t see any, but as I sweep on up the R40 arms reach out from the dark pavement, desperately trying to catch my attention. My heart sinks. Outside the Mall, again when you come into White River and then at the big roundabout at Casterbridge, you will see them – restaurant staff and shift workers trying to get home at the end of a long and tiring day.