MINIacs Make a Meaningful Difference

Each village identifies areas of need where they can help and they get stuck in. This usually involves an opportunity to set off in their beloved Minis and delivering food and other essentials to those in need – mostly children. These events include a lot of fun for everyone, especially the children who get to play soccer with the crew and admire the iconic cars. This is their way of giving back to the community and inspiring young children.

The Pyrocene Era

Duncan Ballantyne, Chairman of the Lowveld and Escarpment Fire Protection Association (LEFPA) says an alternative term for what we are living through is the Pyrocene, and quotes from the 2015 conference he attended in South Korea “The conference participants expressed strong concerns over the impacts of climate on fire regimes, the contribution of vegetation fire emissions to climate change, the application of fire in land-use change, the accumulating effects of global change on fire regimes, and increasing impacts of fire on society, notably on human health and security.”

Nikki Wilson Nutrition

Nikki qualified as a Nutritional Therapist with a BSc hons Nutritional Therapy from Middlesex University in England. The seed to study nutrition was planted when her toddler son was diagnosed with Autism and she realised that what he ate or didn’t eat profoundly impacted upon his skill acquisition and behaviour.

White River War Room

Establishing Operation Vuka Sisebente (OVS) in 2015 sought to improve ward level coordination and planning as key levers for service delivery. At the heart of OVS are the war rooms, established in each ward and chaired by the Ward Councillor. War rooms are a service delivery engine to deliver a fully coordinated and integrated basket of services by different stakeholders, and White River residents of Ward 30 will be happy to hear that they have a very active war room.