Simon Sutherland

Through Rotary Simon has got stuck into many community projects ranging from sponsoring the SAPS monthly officer awards, assisting the SPCA, fundraising for various schools, to feeding orphans. Through the hotel he assists the local Hospice, Ma Esther’s orphanage, the local MOTHS, Laapeng centre, Millenum, Hlokomela Centre and the Children in Distress with Manna Church.

Century 21

Royden enthusiastically describes Century 21 as THE most recognised brand in the industry. Thanks to their website traffic, an industry leader, the company increases their views, leads and phone calls for their agents. No wonder they are such a happy bunch!

University of Mpumalanga – Building the Future

Mr Themba Manana, Director: Marketing and Communication at the university says UMP is focused on providing tertiary education to meet the needs of South Africa and they benchmark themselves against the best universities not only in South Africa but abroad. “We need to offer programmes that teach skills which are needed by the country,” he states.

New Year Resolutions – or, Love and Hate in White River.

We Are White River is determined to get folks out and about being the best community they can be. Yes, that can involve a little trip outside the usual rut and comfort zones we huddle in but we can promise, hand on hearts, that as we enter our third year of business we’re beginning to ride a wave of public enthusiasm. People are dipping their toes into the community pond and we love watching the delight on their faces as they discover that playing new roles and getting involved in projects benefitting us all gives them pleasure beyond their effort.