Food for Thought

As you age, the body’s ability to process nutrients decreases but it’s never too late to push back cognitive decline. By adding certain foods to your diet and avoiding processed foods (white bread, maize meal, sugar and fried foods) you can help your brain to function optimally.

Surviving Hot Summer Nights

Yes, there is always air conditioner but many people can’t sleep in a frigid, sealed room and under those conditions you can’t enjoy a summer indulgence – floral fragrances seeping into the bedroom through open windows, the feel of soft, warm air on your face and best of all, the orchestra of night sounds from insects, frogs and birds.

Summer Eating

Fruit-wise, apples, Cape gooseberries, coconuts (also a good oil to cook with), dates, guavas, grapefruit, naartjies, oranges, paw paws, pineapples, pears, sweet melon, strawberries lemons (get your daily dose by adding a slice to your glass of water. Or your evening G n T!), nectarines, bananas and avocados. Great, we have plenty of avos around us, filled with healthy oil (we should be cooking with avo oil as well) and they are delicious in breakfast smoothies, on pizza and salads and prepared a heap of other ways as well. Lovely to see Lowveld fruit crops such as grapefruit, naartjies, oranges, paw paws, lemons, guavas and bananas are in season now.

Every Community Needs a Remakery

Sophie envisions changing social attitudes to repairing rather than dumping broken goods, and pushing manufacturers to build goods to last and to be repairable. This would include a spare parts sales business, as anyone who’s tried to replace a part on an appliance will appreciate being able to buy these products. My 20 month old mobile phone was referred to by a chuckling young Vodacom assistant as ‘obsolete’ when I wanted to buy a new cover for it recently. ‘No, we don’t keep stock of accessories for such old items.’ Grrrrr.

Get Ready for Summer

The perky energy bunnies at Pilates@Casterbridge drum into their suffering clients that “beach bodies begin in winter” which, while I’m completing my 6th roll up and fantasizing about coffee and breakfast, is NOT encouraging. But it appears the gals are right. Summer bodies are made in Spring, according to the health and fitness gurus on…