Horsing about in White River

Megan recently loaned her beloved Shire horse, Gift, to a physiotherapist treating a child with Spinal Bifida. Displaying impeccable equine intuition, Gift adjusted his natural gait and responses to suit his novice rider perfectly and this experience has proved to Megan that horseback riding can successfully leap beyond a competitive activity or casual fun to play a role in therapy.

Green Travels and Voluntourism – Spreading the love beyond your home

We Are White River believes that community love begins at home and our message is consistently to look around you to see where you can make an impact in your own neighbourhood. However, Green Travel and Voluntourism are significant portions of the international travel sector and we should be aware of this in our own travels, as well as seeing how we can encourage this market to spend some of those tourist dollars

The Power of Connection – Hilton Barnett

Reflecting more deeply on connection, it is striking that so many of us prefer to stand in our corner than to really connect. We stay on our same predictable path, surrounded by our self-fulfilling prophecies where the only things we seek are confirmations of our bias and support for the stories we have made up about life.

MINIacs Make a Meaningful Difference

Each village identifies areas of need where they can help and they get stuck in. This usually involves an opportunity to set off in their beloved Minis and delivering food and other essentials to those in need – mostly children. These events include a lot of fun for everyone, especially the children who get to play soccer with the crew and admire the iconic cars. This is their way of giving back to the community and inspiring young children.

Awakening ourselves to moral perceptions – Sandile Tshabalala

It is true that unwarranted and unfounded emotions are discarded just like beliefs especially when discovered they are false. As human beings, our interaction with each other is a constant application of our perception, as we grow; these perception are altered to some extent. However, at what point should we actively know the right time to change our perceptions about the happenings of life in our homes and communities? I concur with Prof Nassbaum that a change in ones feelings also brings with it a change in ones beliefs – as such we should venture to sincerely question our perceptions