Dr Mieke Geldenhuys – Dentistry done with a smile

Mieke’s focus is on teeth whitening, general check-ups, crowns and dentures and she has a quick turnaround time for both. She wants to make the dental experience as comfortable as possible for everyone, but especially for children. Her kind, approachable demeanour helps with any anxieties children may have and the experienced dental assistant, Carmen helps to make the patients comfortable and put their minds at ease. The practice is contracted with most medical aids so that is one less thing to worry about. Mieke always goes the extra mile for her patients and makes sure they understand the procedures and when to come for follow up visits.

Intention is everything – By Di Atherton

On the 31st December I find a quiet space at home with blank paper and pen. Usually accompanied by a glass of chilled bubbly (it is New Year after all!) Light a candle. The first thing I do is think about what theme I want for the coming year and what my word will be. Then I write myself a letter dated 31st December the following year. So this year’s letter will be dated 31st December 2019. It’s a letter to myself and it’s all about what I have achieved in that year. Now if you think this sounds completely crackpot, let me tell you a story…..

Di Atherton – Finding the Balance

This is a gentle reminder that we all have a “fuel tank” of energy and it is not the function of this fuel tank to feed others from it. You feed others from the overflow. That main tank is purely for you and your well-being. It won’t stay filled up if you keep taking from it for others. Eventually it will be depleted.

Cash is not King – By Thabo Khoza

Currently where we work in developing our small operations, water that has been allocated for agricultural use, is being used to supply local residents in a rural and peri-urban community on the outskirts of White River, this has lead us to develop a risk analysis model for social investment

Start Up Capital – By Thabo Khoza

Starting at the retail end of your venture is the best way to break into any industry, find a product that resembles yours and begin to sell it physically and online. This will provide you with a base line for finding suppliers, customers and realities of your start up. Angel Investment Capital is usually friends, family and frontrunners who invest in you as person rather than your business.

What if we looked beyond the differences and celebrated the connections? By Di Atherton

Sadly, the norm these days is the moment something crosses our path that is ‘different’, not up to our expectations or standards, we jump onto the criticise bandwagon. We immediately look for all the faults, all the reasons why it’s just wrong. We don’t hold back in the viciousness of our attacks, which fortunately are often only verbal, but pretty devastating nonetheless and continue to create even more division.

LiveShanti Wellness – We Are White River

The people of White River are lucky to have a yogini of Denise’s stature in their midst. Don’t you think? We all need to be the best versions of ourselves in order to be better parents, romantic partners, citizens and business people and the mindfulness that comes with the practice of yoga and meditation is one way to connect to that inner power that we all possess within ourselves.