Encircling Our Rhinos

Encirclement is an instinctive method of protection, used by man and beast alike. How symbolic then, that the enormous, unsightly circle at the R538 & R40 intersection in White River is about to undergo a physical transformation, themed “Save the Rhino’.

White River Bowls Club

The White River Bowling club started about 70 years ago, either in 1945 or 1946 on Erf 2 (William Lynn Street). The club, however, only had one green and due to the increase in membership and district competitions being allocated to the club, one green was not sufficient and bigger grounds had to be found. The existing property situated on the corner of Macadamia and Kastaaiing Road, was then acquired during 1979.

Horsing about in White River

“Equestrian” isn’t a word that springs to mind when listing sports activities in White River. Nonetheless, there is a lively, if small, horsey set stabled around town. Commercial yards (such as Nottinghill and Uplands) are supplemented by several private yards in the area.

Solar Focus White River

Solar Energy

Climate change has moved from the realm of science fiction and alarmist ranting to climate reality. Our planet is warming up and the weather changing from seasonal transformation to year round extremes – drought, floods, wildfires and super storms.