Di’s Window on White River

Writing this blog every month gets Di Atherton to take a closer look at the town she has called home for the past 20 years. She was shocked the other day to realise that 2016 is the 20th anniversary of their move from Benoni out onto a farm in the Peebles Valley.

Di’s Window on White River

If you ever attend a function in White River, no matter what it might be, there is a fairly good chance you will meet at least a few people you know. Shrieks and cries of joy fill the air as your gaze falls upon a familiar face. As you happily rush to greet them, you may well be introduced to someone else with the words “I am sure you know “XYZ”. Very often the response will be “well, I haven’t met them, but the face is familiar” or “No, but I know the name”.

Di’s Window on White River

I don’t have to “escape” to peace and quiet, to seek somewhere surrounded by bush, where the only sounds are bird calls and the buzz of insects. I am able to enjoy it every day. Green, peaceful, open areas that soothe the soul and restore balance are, for most of us, a stone’s throw away. Even the township of Kabokweni has some beautiful views on its doorstep.

Liz Mackintosh

Liz is continually amazed by how loving and caring these host families are. Long term friendships and family bonds are forged, overseas trips are organised and fundraising efforts are initiated. Minds and horizons, on both sides of the equator, are broadened. “It makes me proud to be part of this White River community of ours and gives me such hope for the future,” she remarks.

Reducing your Eskom Dependency

During the 2008 load-shedding phase, generators were the go-to quick fix, and in some minds still are. But we have chosen to live in White River for its peaceful tranquility. It’s a place to raise our children in a country-styled and environmentally aware atmosphere. This picture is shattered immediately by the roaring to life of obnoxiously loud, smoke-billowing and environment polluting diesel generators.

Grey Water Systems

Rainwater gushes from roofs through downpipes (if your home has gutters. If you don’t, thousands of litres cascade straight onto your paving) and into the drainage system, a shocking waste of a priceless resource. Priceless, you question? Ask the residents of Senekal in the Free State who’ve been without running water since December 2015 what that facility is worth to them.

LED Lights

? LED lights have advanced at a remarkable rate to enable an entirely new category of lighting projected to reach $30 billion by 2025. LED lighting systems already illuminate famous buildings, bridges, retail shops, television studios, theater stages, hotels, casinos, hospitals, restaurants and nightclubs around the world.

Raé Kirton – 2015 Business Woman of the Year

Business Woman of the Year is a competition organised by the South African Council for Business Woman. Entrants submit a portfolio with a business plan to the judges. Then a round of regional interviews are followed by national interviews in Pretoria. Judging is in 3 categories: corporate, entrepreneur and professional (Raé won the professional category), and the winners are revealed at an awards dinner.