Hiking to Legogote – By Eksteen Jacobsz

The path is well trodden and easy to follow. It winds through two forests and after forty five minutes of hard hiking we reached the last section before the summit. There are two tricky rock scrambles before you reach the top. A 360 degree view of the Lowveld greets you once at the top. The summit marker was infested with gnats and we only spent a short while there before moving down to the bottom tier.

Bosch Ceramic Studio – Hanlie Bosch

Her mind is always thinking about ideas, especially birds and nature and Hanlie says she’s object-orientated. Her Sugar Birds are light, delicately drawn pastel creatures on bowls and platters which irresistibly beg the visitor to take them home, while the funky pipe-figurines hanging on the gallery wall are just plain fun.

Gumtreez Pub and Grill

Their personal service, together with the friendly atmosphere and good food is the draw card for this bustling, vibey restaurant. An expansive menu caters to most tastes and the Austin’s are savvy restaurateurs – by creating separate seating areas, they’ve managed to offer different eating experiences, thus broadening the Gumtreez offering.

Brown is the new Green

Let your dusty car be a badge of Responsible Citizenship Honour, and if you have to wash it, go one better than the minimum requirements and use a bucket. Isolate a small area of your garden to save, and use your grey water to keep it going. The rest will come back when the heavens finally open and after all, brown is the new green! Collect every possible drop of water and use it – toilet flush, washing dishes and hands, car wash etc.

Di’s Window on White River

Despite the fact that Summer tried to elbow Spring out of the picture completely, it IS the season of renewal, regeneration and rebirth. The season of change. As I inhale the delicious perfume of the jasmine and yesterday-today-tomorrow that fills the overheated air, there is a sense of expectation.

Dynamic Vision

Rae Kirton: “Being part of the largest group of independent optometrists in South Africa, Dynamic Vision White River offers the best in quality eye-care, providing superior eyewear solutions for all requirements and tastes.”