Lunchtime Speed Workouts

There is good news for us normal people with acceptable circadian rhythms that peak in the afternoon, who press the snooze button and refuse to emerge from under the duvet to get active, or slump on the couch because hitting the gym after work is too exhausting. A lunchtime speed workout is actually more beneficial to our bodies because our muscles are warmer as a result of a higher body temperature at this time of day (less risk of injury and a greater range of motion) and, according to research the best time to do weights is around midday – the strength output of muscles is at least 5% higher at this time.

Mary-Ann Wiggill – Live Wedding Painting

Live wedding painting is the creation of an art piece from a scene at your wedding. What a remarkable event for the bride, groom and guests to enjoy on the day – being able to watch the creation of an artwork from start to finish. This is a massive step back in time to the days before location photography, when occasions were captured by artists rather than celluloid.

Seasons in Africa

Seasons in Africa has a portfolio of fabulous properties and activities, stretching throughout Southern Africa – ranging from luxury lodges, hotels and restaurants to exciting adventures, proudly offered by a dedicated team. Each of the properties boasts warm, friendly and personalised service based on their passion for Africa and the hospitality industry.

The Pyrocene Era

Duncan Ballantyne, Chairman of the Lowveld and Escarpment Fire Protection Association (LEFPA) says an alternative term for what we are living through is the Pyrocene, and quotes from the 2015 conference he attended in South Korea “The conference participants expressed strong concerns over the impacts of climate on fire regimes, the contribution of vegetation fire emissions to climate change, the application of fire in land-use change, the accumulating effects of global change on fire regimes, and increasing impacts of fire on society, notably on human health and security.”


Aida offers a full range of property services, including evaluations, rental management, rentals and sales, and are able to offer a one-stop service over the Lowveld.

The Earth’s Beginnings and Another Country – A Day Drive from White River

The Barberton-Makhonjwa Geotrail offers another attraction just an hour away for White RIver visitors, and you don’t have to be a geology student or enthusiast to enjoy the winding road, spectacular views and the wonder of touching rocks which remain in place, frozen where they were when the genesis of life of earth occurred 3.5 billion years ago. Should the Geotrail become Mpumalanga’s first World Heritage Site, this attraction will draw visitors from across the globe.

Maria Ziessler – Potter of the Month

Maria Ziessler and her husband Holger moved to South Africa in 2000 and soon after opened their ceramic studio. Her love for salt glazed and wood fired pottery came from her childhood where old traditional pottery of this kind was handed down from generation to generation and with the inspirations gathered from Japanese and German potters she began to rebuild the studio

Eating out in White River

So, besides the obvious things, like no cockroaches in the food, what makes it work well for a customer? We’re keen to hear your views as we’d like to help our local restaurants to do better, so that much-needed visitors share good news rather than bad.