E.Coaches – White River

E.Coaches and Tours have been a transport and touring provider in the Kruger area of Mpumalanga for the past 20 years. Their professional staff and dedicated partners ensure a safe, efficient and seamless travel experience. Your clients will be travelling in luxury, whilst being accompanied by their professional drivers/guides.

Dana Agency

Passionate about the business of travel, they attribute their success to their dedication to service excellence and the high work ethos in the company, encapsulating the Benjamin Franklin quote “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”


Rotary is a worldwide service organisation which has grown from simple beginnings in the early 1900’s to over 34 000 clubs in 200 countries and a global membership of about 1.2 million. The Club has a strong focus on serving the community, which means they are kept busy running various fundraisers to raise money to carry out their projects.

the artists press white river mpumalanga

The Artists’ Press

Staunch supporters of South African talent, The Artists’ Press tends to restrict themselves to South African work and are enthusiastic about the substantial growth enjoyed by the print sector in SA. The industry is well supported by both collectors and galleries. “Our role,” says Mark, “is to facilitate the natural approach of each artist.”


Needless to say, the friendly Wimpy staff are always ready to look after customers both regular and new. Whether this is your local or you are just passing through White River, at Wimpy you can be assured of a warm welcome, great service and good food in a modern, comfortable setting. And to be greeted with huge Wimpy smiles!