White River War Room

Establishing Operation Vuka Sisebente (OVS) in 2015 sought to improve ward level coordination and planning as key levers for service delivery. At the heart of OVS are the war rooms, established in each ward and chaired by the Ward Councillor. War rooms are a service delivery engine to deliver a fully coordinated and integrated basket of services by different stakeholders, and White River residents of Ward 30 will be happy to hear that they have a very active war room.

white river library

White River Library

“I love the interaction with people and helping them find what they are looking for.” Laverne has worked at the White River Library for 20 years and remains enthusiastic about reading, words and books. Printed paper rather than electronic because as she says, “There’s nothing like the smell of a book in your hands.” Spoken like a true bibliophile.

Prince Manqoba Dlamini

He’s a positive, vibrant man never seen without his trademark – a broad, warm smile that spreads across his face and lights up the air around him. And he is, indeed, a Royal Prince. His late father was a nephew and advisor to King Sobhuza II of Swaziland, and taught his son that duty to the community and to broader issues are paramount.

SAPS White River

Colonel Maphanga arrived at White River SAPS from Graskop in 2015, and has made himself at home in his new town. “I’m very happy to be here, it’s a lovely place” he comments. He makes sure he gets out into the field and into the community, being visible during police operations and present at the community projects taken on by the SAPS White River.